The Seven Chakra Stack Bracelet Set

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Description: 8mm gemstones (red agate, cherry quartz, yellow volcano quartz, green aventurine, blue howlite turquoise, lapis, amethyst, black lava rock), rhinestone rondelles

Card: Each stone represents one of the seven chakras. Wearing the bracelet is believed to achieve balance of these seven chakras or energies.

Red (Red Agate)- Root Chakra – exercise and restful sleep, survival, standing up for yourself, financial independence

Orange (Cherry Quartz)- Sacral Chakra – emotions, well-being, sociability

Yellow (Yellow Volcano Quartz)- Solar Plexus Chakra – self-confidence, personal power

Green (Green Aventurine)– Heart Chakra – love, joy, inner peace

Blue (Blue Howlite Turquoise)– Throat Chakra – trust, communication, loyalty

Indigo (Lapis)– Third Eye Chakra – Imagination, intuition

Violet (Amethyst)– Crown Chakra – spirituality, connection with Spirit

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Child (6.5 Inches), Women’s Small (7 Inches), Women’s Medium (7.5 Inches), Women’s Large (8 Inches)

2 reviews for The Seven Chakra Stack Bracelet Set

  1. Jen

    Beautiful alone or stacked. I have found no other chakra bracelets of this quality for this prIce. I wear mine every day! 🙏🕉

  2. Suzanne Pillsbury

    I love to stack my bracelets. I love this set of chakra bracelets because each one is delicate and well made. The clapses that Peggy uses are ornate and add to the quality of each bracelet. Sometimes I even wear a silver bangle with this delicate set.

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