The Positive Mood Bracelet


Description: 10 mm amethyst, 12mm center Rose Quartz, 10mm side Rose Quartz, rhinestone rondelles, on elastic

Card: Amethyst is believed to promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It is believed to foster stability and inner strength. Rose Quartz is known as the “love” stone. It is believed to provide peace, healing, and comfort, and helps to dissolve emotional wounds. It is also believed to help support meaningful connections with others, as well as to see the beauty in oneself and others. These two gemstones were purposefully chosen for this “Positive Mood” mental health bracelet for these very qualities. As you look at the Rose Quartz throughout the day, let them be a reminder to engage in three activities that have been demonstrated by research in psychology to improve mood and help combat depression and anxiety.

When you look at the first Rose Quartz bead, let it serve as a reminder to take a moment in Gratitude. Think about one person, object, relationship, experience for which you are grateful. Being grateful helps elevate mood. When you look at the middle rose quartz bead, think about one of your favorite experiences, remembering it in as much detail as possible, drawing upon all of your senses. Your brain cannot distinguish between living the event and remembering the event. When you look at the third rose quartz bead, think about one person you can reach out to today to say thank you, give a compliment, or say, “I am thinking about you.” Social connections improve emotional well-being.

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