The Hero Bracelet


Description: 10mm matte black onyx, silver metal bead, on elastic

Sizes: Child (6.5 inches), women’s small (7 inches), women’s medium (7.5 inches), women’s large/men’s small/med = 8 inches, men’s large (8.5 inches)

Bead size choice: 12mm, 10mm

Metal bead choice: detailed silver bead, large barrel bead

Card: Onyx is believed to diminish unwanted emotions and enhance determination and perseverance. It is believed to help calm fears, and provide a comforting feeling of stability and security.  It helps to foster focus and confidence.  May the gemstones always be a reminder of your strength and assist you with remembering all of your positive attributes related to your heroism.


Child (6.5 Inches), Women’s Small (7 Inches), Women’s Medium (7.5 Inches), Women’s Large (8 Inches)

Bead Size

12mm, 10mm

Metal Bead

Detailed Silver Bead, Large Barrel Bead


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