The Celebrating Sobriety Bracelet


Version 1: 10mm African Turquoise Jasper gemstones, Pave bead, rhinestone rondelles, on elastic

Version 2: 10mm Onyx and African Turquoise Jasper gemstones, center metal barrel bead, on elastic

Card: African Turquoise Jasper is believed to bring about transformation and great change. It is believed to carry encouraging energy which opens minds to the possibility of newness, and to foster development of oneself. It is believed to help provide the confidence and balance necessary for growth, change, and self-development, and to renew spirit, energy, and path in life. It is believed to provide reassurance as new possibilities are encountered, and to awaken us to our highest purpose. As you look at the beads throughout the day, let the beads serve as a reminder of your interest in your development toward your highest self, as well as all that you have already accomplished.



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