The Brave Bracelet


Description: 8m matte black onyx, silver metal bead, on elastic

Sizes: Child (6.5 inches), women’s small (7 inches), women’s medium (7.5 inches), women’s large/men’s small/med = 8 inches, men’s large (8.5 inches)

CardOnyx is believed to diminish unwanted emotions. It is believed to help calm fears, and provide a comforting feeling of stability and security.  Brave does not mean not having fear.  It means being courageous in the face of fear. May the gemstones always be a reminder that you are stronger than you know, braver than you think, and more courageous than you imagine.


Child (6.5 Inches), Women’s Small (7 Inches), Women’s Medium (7.5 Inches), Women’s Large (8 Inches)


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