Stress Reduction and Triumph Stack Set


Description: 10mm Howlite and Onyx gemstones, Pave bead, silver spacers, rhinestone rondelles, “just breathe” charm, on elastic

Stack Card: This stack is created with: 1) The Just Breath Bracelet, 2) The Positive Affirmation Bracelet, and 3) The Resilience Bracelet. Howlite was used because it is believed to reduce anxiety and overcome self-criticism. Onyx was used because it is believed to calm fears, and enhance determination and perseverance. Breathing exercises, positive affirmations, and building up resilience are three activities that not only help reduce stress, but help you thrive and triumph.

Just Breathe Bracelet Card: Deep breathing is wonderful, because you can do it anywhere! Slow deep breathing helps during times of physical and emotional stress. It helps: 1) Relax your muscles, 2) Improve delivery of oxygen, 3) Lower blood pressure, and 4) Release endorphins. Let this bracelet serve as a reminder to take a moment out of your day to “just breathe”, and to utilize this calming method during times of stress. Inhale and count to two slowly, and exhale and count to four slowly. Onyx and howlite gemstones were chosen because they are believed to reduce negativity and anxiety and foster peace. “Just breathe”.

The Resilience Bracelet Card: Research demonstrates that resilience is an important factor in one’s ability to cope with problems, as well as thrive after problems. There are many components that contribute to resilience. Let the three black onyx beads serve as a reminder to work toward three of them: 1) Build meaningful relationships, 2) Develop and execute realistic plans, 3) Maintain a positive view of yourself and confidence in your abilities. Onyx was used because it is believed to calm fears and foster stability and security. Howlite was used because it is believed to relieve stress and overcome self-criticism.

The Positive Affirmation Bracelet Card: There is a reason why positive affirmations are so important. It is because we become what we believe ourselves to be. If you are not at where you would like to be, create a positive affirmation reflecting that you are there right now. If you are at where you would like to be, create an affirmation reflecting gratitude, and that you are open to receiving more of the same. Every time you look at the center sparkly bead, let that be a reminder to say your affirmation out loud or to yourself. Howlite was used because it is believed to calm the mind that tends to be overly critical, allowing you more space and energy to practice and believe your affirmation.



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