Peace in Parenting Teens Bracelet


Description: 10 mm gemstones, center metal bead, on elastic

Color choices: main black onyx with four white howlite, main white howlite with four black onyx, main white howlite with four black lava rock, main white howlite with four pink rose quartz, main pink quartz with four white howlite, main lapis with four blue spot, main blue spot with four lapis

Metal bead choice: large silver barrel bead, small detailed silver, silver sparkly Pave bead

Card: This bracelet was designed for you to promote peace in parenting teens and tweens. As you look at the bracelet throughout the day, the colored beads are designed to assist you in coping with the challenging aspects of parenting teens and tweens.

Independence and Control: It is normal and expected for teens to exert their independence, and be more involved with people and activities outside of the family. The first of four center beads is a reminder that you are still the most influential person in your child’s life, even if your child does not show it.

Experimentation: It is important to stay calm when teens engage in risky behavior. They respond best when parents remain caring and firm, yet not judgment or angry. The second center bead is a reminder that teens who have an open and close relationship with a parent make better choices and have better outcomes.

Family Conflict: Be mindful of your words. The way we speak to our children becomes the way that they come to see themselves. Let the third center bead be a reminder to use kind, understanding, and loving words.

Self-Care: Engage in your interests, or find one if you do not have one. Nourish your soul. Spend time daily in relaxation or engaged in a favorite activity. Let the fourth center bead be a reminder that taking care of yourself will help keep you centered, and will help you to respond more lovingly in all situations.

Unconditional Love: As you go about your day, each time you look at the metal bead, remember that you hold the most powerful love for your child. Remember that for a child, nothing compares to a parent’s love.



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