Peace and Relaxation Bracelet


Description: 10mm Magnesite, 10mm Howlite, rhinestone rondelles, on elastic

Card: The blue Magnesite is a relaxing and calming stone. The white Howlite gemstone is believed to decrease stress and anxiety, and to soften the mind that tends to be overly critical. The result is calmness, peace, and relaxation. When you look at the first white Howlite bead, let it serve as a reminder to breathe deeply and slowly. Count to two slowly while you inhale, and count to four slowly as you exhale. As you look at the second Howlite bead, let this serve as a reminder to visualize your most comforting, peaceful scene. When you look at the third Howlite bead, take a moment to say a positive affirmation related to whatever worry, anxiety, or stress you may have: “This too shall pass.” “I am strong and powerful.” “I love, and I am loved.” When you look at the fourth Howlite bead, focus on your senses and find something you can touch, something you can see, and something you can hear. When you look at the fifth Howlite bead, let it serve as a reminder to spend some time outdoors.

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