Healing Depression Bracelet


Description: 10mm Rose Quartz gemstone, 10mm Howlite gemstone, pink rondelles, on elastic

Card: Rose Quartz is known as the “love” stone. It is believed to promote love, peace, forgiveness, compassion, and harmony in relationships. It is believed to promote love, sensitivity, and compassion towards ourselves and others. The white Howlite gemstone is believed to decrease stress and anxiety, and to soften the mind that tends to be overly critical. Each time you look at one of the rose quartz beads, let it serve as a reminder to take a moment in Gratitude. Think about one person, object, relationship, experience for which you are grateful. When you look at the middle rose quartz bead, think about one of your favorite experiences, remembering it in as much detail as possible, drawing upon all of your senses. Lastly, when you look at the third rose quartz bead, think about one person you can reach out to today to say thank you, give a compliment, or say, “I am thinking about you.” Make a phone call, send a text, write an email, or mail a card or letter. This is important because social connectedness helps to foster happiness and fulfillment in life.

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