Healing Anxiety Bracelet

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Description: 10mm Hematite, 10mm Swarovski clear crystal, on elastic

Card: It is believed that the dark Hematite gemstone promotes emotional stability and a joyful, optimistic mood. It is believed to alleviate stress and anxiety and boost energy and mood. As you wear this bracelet, each time you look at one of the crystal beads throughout the day, let it serve as a reminder to take a deep breath. Count to two slowly while you inhale, and count to four slowly as you exhale. As you look at the crystal bead, this also serves as a reminder to visualize your most comforting, peaceful scene. Lastly, when you look at the third crystal bead, take a moment to say a positive affirmation related to whatever worry, anxiety, or stress you may have: “This too shall pass.” “I am strong and powerful.” “I love, and I am loved.”

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Child (6.5 Inches), Women’s Small (7 Inches), Women’s Medium (7.5 Inches), Women’s Large (8 Inches)

2 reviews for Healing Anxiety Bracelet

  1. Kimberly

    Love this piece. I purchased this for my daughter in February. She always has it on….showers, sleep, work. Looks just like the day I bought it! What does it mean to her..”It sparkles, it glitters…it reminds me of you.”

    • Peggy DeLong

      Wonderful, Kim! I am so happy that your daughter wears it so often. That means so much to me! Thank you for your purchase!

  2. Helen (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Healing Anxiety Bracelet for my daughter’s 15th birthday. She absolutely loves it! Not only is the bracelet beautiful, the support it offers means the world to me as her mom. It is a reminder that she is loved, safe and that she is AWESOME when she might not believe it herself…

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