Gratitude Stones



Description: These “worry stones” are handmade out of clay, with the indentation of a thumb, and the word “Gratitude” stamped on the top. The top is smooth for soothing rubbing. Purchase the stones and keep one for yourself, and gift the other to someone to spread the healing power of Gratitude. Each stone comes in its own pouch with inspirational/instructional card.

Words on the card: Gratitude stones can be kept in a pocket and rubbed with a thumb. Physical activity, even a slight touch or movement, has been shown by research to interrupt negative thoughts from spiraling out of control. Through acupressure, or rubbing the stones together, nerve endings or pressure points are stimulated. This naturally releases endorphins, which produce a feel-good, calming effect. Rubbing the stones helps to diminish the intensity of the thoughts from spinning into anxiety. This is also what gratitude does. When you are feeling anxious or having negative thoughts, interrupting that with gratitude is powerful. Sometimes, it is the only thing that works. Rubbing a Gratitude Stone is a tactile reminder to think of one thing that you are grateful for, and a way to decrease the intensity of anxiety or worry.


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