The Gratitude Bracelet


Description: 10mm gemstones with metal bead on elastic

Card:  Gratitude heals. In the middle of the night when worries of “what if” keep you awake, gratitude helps quiet your mind and helps you get back to sleep. When you do not have in life what you would like to have, gratitude for what you do have will not only elevate your mood, but will bring more of that into your life. That is because the emotional footprint of gratitude is that you already have what you desire, and this says to the universe, “Yes! More of this, please!” Gratitude helps divert the energy of negative thinking that spirals into anxiety by sending that energy into a new positive direction. Gratitude helps with depression by elevating mood, which is achieved by focusing on something positive in your life. On your most difficult day when you do not think that you can bear your emotional pain, gratitude eases that pain. This bracelet was designed to help you practice gratitude, so that you are better able to utilize it when you need it.

Every time your eye is drawn to the center metal bead, think of one person, object, or experience for which you are grateful. This helps train your brain to think more positively and heightens your awareness and appreciation for all that is good around you. You will soon be able to employ “gratitude thinking” naturally and live your most fulfilling life. Gratitude heals.

Each bracelet will be carefully packaged in a beautiful organza gift pouch with the message above.


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