As I Let You Go Bracelet (for the mother)

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Description: 10mm gemstone of choice, Mother of Pearl bead(s) in center, silver spacers on elastic

Card: A prayer as I let you go.

I pray that I am relieved of my overwhelming sadness as you leave home.

I pray that my identity as your mother is not diminished with you not around.

I pray that my worries and fears are assuaged, knowing that I raised you to make the right decisions.

I pray that you think of me often, but do not let sadness or homesickness interfere with your growth.

I pray that you are strengthened, supported, and loved by the new ones around you.

I pray that wherever you are, you feel my love.

I pray that as I release you to the world, you remember that you were meant to shine.

I wear this bracelet as a reminder of all of my love for you, with the center Mother of Pearl bead a symbol of your eternal presence in my heart.


1 review for As I Let You Go Bracelet (for the mother)

  1. Kathe

    I just received my mother daughter As I Let You Go braclets. The bracelet is really beautiful (the mother of pearl accent is stunning) and the quality of the beads is really nice (nice weight and shine). I gave my daughter her bracelet the day I dropped her off for her freshman year and not only did she love it but the poem helps remind her of my wish for her in this next phase of her life. Every time I wear mine I think of her and how proud I am of her journey.

    • Peggy DeLong

      Thank you so much for your purchase, Kathe, and for your feedback. I always love hearing about how the bracelets are meaningful to people! Wishing your daughter a wonderful freshman year!

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