As I Let You Go Bracelet (for the child)


Description: 10mm gemstone of choice, Mother of Pearl bead in center, silver spacers on elastic


A prayer as I let you go.

I pray that I am relieved of my overwhelming sadness as you leave home.

I pray that my identity as your mother is not diminished with you not around.

I pray that my worries and fears are assuaged, knowing that I raised you to make the right decisions.

I pray that you think of me often, but do not let sadness or homesickness interfere with your growth.

I pray that you are strengthened, supported, and loved by the new ones around you.

I pray that wherever you are, you feel my love.

I pray that as I release you to the world, you remember that you were meant to shine.

Wear this bracelet as a reminder of all of my love for you, with the center Mother of Pearl bead a symbol of your eternal presence in my heart.



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